Little Flower on the Moor

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 321

Little flower on the moor—was it Jesus?

No doubt for that I suffer anguish until I see it again. I leave the world, I hate my own designs. I choose the narrow trail back to the moor. But where are you? I cannot find you on earth, but in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Little flower, your beautiful light shines on me. I will give my life, I will die, in hopes of making you my own!

And if I give my life the Kingdom comes to me. How can that be true! He died for us a sharp and bitter death. He fought for us, chivalrously, to free us from distress.

Wake up young hearts! Watch you do not miss the beautiful flower! It cures sin. It can drive trouble away. Unlike any other plant, it can dispel sadness at once.

Precious flower, gift of God to sinful souls! Flower of grace in the Holy Ghost, may you be praised in the Kingdom of Heaven! May we praise you eternally!

Do you want the Little Flower? Go out on the moor. Tell the world, “Goodbye, I’m leaving! May it go well with you.” Take leave of your flesh and blood. Tell them, “I have given myself to God to break my own will.”

No one finds the flower without denying self. But when that happens I rise, floating up and over the moor—no matter what I feel, love or sorrow—straight to Jesus, my Lord! So world, goodbye! It cannot be otherwise.

I know that leaving the world for Christ will bring me its rejection. The world will torture and try to kill me. But I will not stay with the world! For that I cry to you, Lord: Free me from sin and death and hell!

anonymously written Anabaptist song, based on the German legend of the Blue Flower

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