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The links on this page are to reputable sources of content we feel can be an inspiration to all Christians.

Church Websites

City Light Christian Fellowship – Waynesboro, PA – We thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and we would be very happy to see you at our church. But our greatest desire is that you would read His word, look to Him for the meaning of life, and surrender yourself completely to Him.  Then follow us and other Christians only to the degree that we are truly following Him.  Because nothing else matters.

Followers of the Way – Boston, MA – We are a Christian church that proclaims the kingdom of God. Our goal is to make disciples who trust and obey King Jesus out of all the nations of the world.

Shippensburg Christian Fellowship – We are an independent Anabaptist church with a strong emphasis of brotherhood and accountability. Our desire is to provide content that will encourage you to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ in your everyday life. We have a collection of messages, links, and articles that will be helpful in achieving this goal.

Kingdom Fellowship Weekend – Kingdom Fellowship Weekend seeks to promote the teaching and practice of the suffering, persecuted church throughout history.


Followers of the Way Blog

Dwight Gingrich – This is the personal website of Dwight K. Gingrich. This website exists to build up the Church of Jesus Christ by helping her listen carefully to the Scriptures. You will also find some pages with personal content—anything that is important to me that I wish to share publicly. Happy exploring!


Anchor-Cross Publishing – Anchor-Cross was founded in 2003 and is recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. We believe in the inspiration and infallibility of the Scriptures, the Trinity, the virgin birth, the atonement of Jesus’ death, his bodily resurrection on the third day, and the future resurrection and judgment of all people. Through publishing and instruction, Anchor-Cross is devoted to proclaiming God’s truth and the call of the Lord Jesus in our lives. Because of our commitment to the Word of God, we offer courses in biblical Greek and Hebrew. These courses typically run during the school year. We also publish books across a range of subjects to promote the encouragement and edification of the church. This includes biblical languages, Christian education, ecclesiology, and discipleship.

Scroll Publishing Co. – Welcome to the website for Scroll Publishing Co. We are a small publisher of Christian books and recorded teaching CDs. But these are not ordinary books and CDs.  Our books and CD messages challenge our readers to return to the historic Christian faith that focused on an enduring love-faith relationship with Jesus Christ and obedience to His Kingdom teachings.  Our commitment to you is to publish books and recorded messages that combine intellectual honesty, spiritual integrity, and sound scholarship. We are not affiliated with or beholden to any denomination, church, or religious organization. So we don’t have to alter historical evidence in order to please someone else. We seek only to please Christ with what we publish.