Let God Have it All

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 28

Do you wish to live with God and be his heir? Keep to the right road! Die with Christ! Nothing half-hearted will do, so drop your heart into God’s will. Give your possessions, your life and blood, totally to God.

Confess God freely everywhere. Let him do with you what he wants. Do not be afraid of anything, but take the matter bravely in hand. Let no one’s angry threats dissuade you. All Christians must lose blood, and whoever is not willing to fight will not survive at all.

Bring no pride, rank, power, beauty, or skill to God. It stinks before him and does you no good whatsoever.

Strive rather for humility. Out of humility flows the strength to walk the Lord’s way with joy. That is, the way of selling everything we own.

If you love God and know his Son, like you say, do his will! Wherever you are, do it! No amount of hypocrisy will help you.

The Scriptures are clear in what they require. If we follow them the devil does not like us. The world says what we suffer with Christ is unnecessary—our own fault. But because he suffered for us I will suffer for him as well.

The one that aims for the prize renounces the world, possessions, and money, and sets his hope on God. Even though all men make fun of him, he takes God seriously. He walks bravely into poverty, fear, and distress, if necessary, to follow Christ. He spares no effort, he is ready to lose his life if that is what it takes. All this is joy to him for nothing can separate him from the love of God.

This, before God, is the right way. Walk in it! No man has ever been strong or rich enough to escape death.

Power, favour, and possessions will crumble. Pride will turn into fear. The only honour left, in the end, will be that of having walked with Christ.

Take note, proud world! Leave your way of life, think of death and God. See what he will give you! Repent! Follow the footsteps of Christ and he will not condemn you. Then you may inherit the Kingdom with him!

Leonhard Schiemer,     -1528, Vöcklabruck, Austria

Franciscan monk, converted, Anabaptist leader and writer, imprisoned,
beheaded, burnt at Rattenberg on the Inn, followed by 70 others that died for their faith in that town

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