Leave the Snakes’ Nest

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 59

Christ showed us the way of grace to eternal joy. Let us wait on him, the Word, and God will bake us with true love into one loaf.

If we seek another way to God than through Christ, we are thieves and robbers, and bring a curse upon our heads. And no matter how many years, or how many generations, we have walked on the wrong road, it is still wrong!

If we have forgotten the covenant, gone the broad way, and lived in anger, jealousy, hatred, and contempt for the poor, we have earned God’s wrath. He will blind us and error will be our pain.

The wicked snake wrapped itself around us in our ignorance. It squeezed us tight and blew itself up in pride. But God had mercy on us. He unlocked the door to his secret treasure of grace. He gave us the Living Word!

Clear and free it came to us, flowing from his own mouth. In everyone that heard it with joy, it produced good fruit. And it keeps right on producing.

Repent, all who linger in error! Repent and be converted in this time of grace! God will hear you and teach you. Do not fear to march boldly up to him!

Leave the nest of poisonous snakes at once! Safety is on the narrow way. Leave sin! Give yourself in a covenant to God, and Christ will be your reward.

Praise God, those of you already purchased by Christ! Praise him for saving you from the serpent, and stay with him! He will write his covenant on your heart. Do not forsake it, but keep yourself true, cost what it may, to death! Joyfully praise the name of the Lord and live for him alone. Then pray for the rulers of the land that God’s Word would open their eyes.

Daniel Kropf,     -1534, Tirol, Austria

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