Lead Me to the Kingdom

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 83

Do not forsake me Lord! Turn to me in my pain lest I be put to shame and your grace be wasted on me. Do not let me turn from you!

Satan, the crafty one, comes prowling along behind me. He does his best to get me back into his net, but you Lord are not far from me. With joy I thank you for accepting me in grace.

Let me confess you Lord, in word and work, with knightly valour unto my end. My last hour has been announced. Stand with me! Keep me free!

Do not let me lose the crown, or my faith, in this struggle with death. You see the blood of the innocent poured out. It will cry to you until the day you come to break the tyrants’ pomp and pride.

You will come with power and give them bitter wine to drink. As they have done to the pious, you will do to them. Every account will be paid in full!

Thank you God, for having instructed me. Do not let me fall, but lead me, through Jesus Christ into your Kingdom today!

Leonhard Lochmaier,     -1538, Freising, Südtirol, Austria

A converted priest and leader among the first Anabaptists in Tyrol, Leonhard recanted once, under severe torture, but returned to the faith. His wife Bärbel was expecting baby at his execution, by the sword, in Brixen.

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