Last Message to Maria

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 619

Lord, look down from your heavenly meeting room, into this valley of sorrow. See how they accuse us for loving you! No people on earth are held in such contempt as we. Support us so we may persevere!

How blind the people of the world are! They do not know your Son. They separate us from our brothers and sisters and lock us up. With great rage the enemy seeks to kill us for the doctrine of Christ. But keep us in that doctrine Lord, faithful until the end.

Comfort us Lord, and strengthen us with your Holy Spirit, so we may keep your true Word.

Heinrich Adam,      -1558, Aachen, Germany

Written in prison and smuggled out to believers, this song contains the acrostic “Maria.” Heinrich was burned alive with Hans Beck, his brother-in-law, and three others.

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