Keep My Heart Pure

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 703

Even though my strength fails me, I must fight a great battle. Tribulation has closed in over my head. My enemies lie in wait for me. But regardless how many there are, with your help I overcome them all!

My enemies spare no effort to dissuade me. On top of that my flesh resists what I know I shall go through. But my joy in earthly things must end. Subdue my haughty flesh Lord, kill what is vain in me, and save me from wickedness.

All my enemies unite against me. The godless pursue me but I flee to you. You defend me and they fall back in fear. Everyone pursues your children, so come quickly to me and I will rest and take fresh courage in your Word.

Even though I know you hear me at all times, I will keep on crying to you. I give you myself. Increase my joy so I may win in the battle at hand. Keep my heart pure! Do not let the serpent and his company move it through their subtle deceptions. They are very crafty, but keep me from falling into their traps. Pick me up in love and set me in your presence so I may praise you through eternity!

Hans Plattner,      -1574, Tirol, Austria

Captured at Rotenholz, Tirol, beheaded publicly, after prayer that left executioner trembling in fear.

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