Judging Others

Ausbund, 62

The judgements we pass here do not change in any way what the Spirit of God has decided. However things are in his sight, they will remain, and all men will be witness of it.

Judgement passed without God will not prevail. It is foolishness and brings nothing but division.

It is not good for men to judge suddenly and with a bold spirit, nor to judge out of love or sympathy for others. Such judgement will not stand.

Neither should one judge lightheartedly, or without a good understanding of the case. We must remember that we are mortal creatures.

Before judging make sure no guilt is found in you. If you have anything to say, make sure your facts are right. Do not bring up questionable matters.

In judgement, take time to listen patiently to what others have to say. Do not pressure anyone to reveal anything. Do not act out of bitterness. Fear God. If a man is guilty let God deal with him as is best. A premature sentence brings nothing but trouble. What is not done by the Spirit of God injures souls.

anonymous Anabaptist writer, 16’th century, Europe

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