Jesus’ Yoke and Burden

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 47

“Come to me!” says the Son of God. “Come to me all you that carry a heavy load of sin! Come young and old, women and men. I will give you what I have and heal you.

My yoke is sweet and my burden light to the one that carries it knowing it will keep him out of hell. I help such a one to carry it, and with my support he will surely make it through into the eternal Kingdom of Heaven.

Like I lived and suffered here to carry out my Father’s will at all times, you will have to live as well. Whatever you think or say or do will turn out right if accomplished in his will.

The world would gladly be saved if only it did not involve the carrying of the cross. But it cannot be avoided. So give yourself willing to it—if you want to evade eternal suffering.”

Suffering is the lot of all creatures—everthing that lives in water and air, or among the grass—in the end. The one that does not wish to suffer for God, must suffer for Satan, with a heavy conscience, when he dies.

Today you are young and tall. Tomorrow you are sick and promptly you must die. Like a flower on the field, worldly beauty wilts and passes away. Then possessions do not help the rich, nor proud ambition the young.

Even if someone could give all the silver, gold, and money on earth he would still have to take his turn. What will great learning then do for the wise? How will prestige save them? All must die, and whoever refuses to give himself to Christ in this time of grace, will perish.

The world trembles at the thought of death. But it waits to seek God until disaster strikes or it comes into an hour of great need.

As long as they live on earth, people do this and that, totally forgetting to make provision for their souls. But when they come to the end they weep and cry and want to belong to God. I am sorry. The grace they mocked and rejected as long as they lived will hardly come to rest on them.  

Listen, my children, those that have given yourselves to God: Do not grow weary of the load you must bear! Hold fast to God’s holy Word! Let it be your comfort and highest refuge, and God will take care of you.

Do not return evil for evil. Live innocently here. Just let the world make fun of you and give matters of vengeance and honour to God. Keep to the narrow way and rest assured, God will fix the world when its time comes!

If everything would go by fleshly desires now, if you had pleasure, and health, and great possessions, you would soon grow cold. For that reason God sends you trouble to discipline the flesh and preserve you for eternal joy.

Does the cross seem bitter to you? Remember the fire of hell into which the whole world rushes—unending torture of body and soul, yet unable to burn up completely.

Remember also the eternal joy you will have with Christ. No tongue can describe it! No man can guess what glory and reward that God has prepared for you! God is eternal power. What he promised in his Word and swore by his name, he will surely bring to pass! May God help us in Jesus Christ. Amen.

Jörg Grünwald, a shoemaker, burned alive for what he believed, 1530, Kufstein, Austria

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