Jesus, A Friend

The Following of Christ

With Jesus everything goes well. Nothing seems too hard or unpleasant. But without Jesus everything gets really complicated.

When Jesus does not speak within us, every comfort from without seems worthless. But with just one inspiring word from Jesus, we feel great consolation.

See how Mary rose in haste from where she stood weeping, when Martha said, “The Master has come and calls for you”? (John 11:28). O blessed hour when Jesus calls from tears to inner joy!

How dry and hard everything gets without Jesus. How foolish you would be to want anything other than him!

Missing out on Jesus—would that not be a greater disaster than missing out on anything else in the whole wide world? What can the world give you?

To live without Jesus is a foretaste of hell. To live with him, on the other hand, is a foretaste of paradise.

With Jesus, no enemy can really hurt you.

To know how to communicate with Jesus is an art, and to know how to stay in fellowship with him is great wisdom.

Stay meek and humble and Jesus will stay with you.

You may easily drive Jesus away and lose his grace, if you give yourself to worldly things. And if you drive him away and lose him, to whom shall you turn when things go bad? Whom shall you seek for a friend?

You cannot easily get along without a friend, and if Jesus is not your friend above all others, you will soon be sad and miserable. For that reason you would be foolish to put your trust in anyone else.

It is preferable to have the whole world against you than to offend Jesus.

Love all men for the sake of Jesus, but love Jesus for his own sake. For him and in him you may love even your enemies, and pray for them that they will come to love him too.

If you wish to know how good the Lord is, you must offer your heart in purity to him. This is only possible if his grace helps you and draws you to him, so that being set free from all things, you may live in union with him alone.

When you sense the presence of Jesus, you feel ready and strong enough to do anything. But when this awareness of his presence fades, you may feel poor, weak, and guilty again. Do not let that discourage you or cause you to give up hope. Accept whatever comes to you, for the love of Jesus, and remember that after winter comes summer, night turns into day, and great storms are always followed by fine weather.

Geert Groote, 1340-1384, Brothers and Sisters of the Common Life, Deventer, Netherlands

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