I Have Nothing to Give

Ausbund, 95

With great joy I will praise you Lord, for standing by at all times with your grace! You chose me through grace, calling me out of the world into your family.

I cannot express how wonderfully glad I am that you no longer count my sins against me! What shall I give you for lifting me from death into life? For driving my sins so far away that I will not meet them again through all eternity?

Lord I have nothing to give! Everything is already yours. Only let me praise you in my heart and stand strong in trial, confessing your name to the end. For the privilege of praising you forever, do not let me slip. Lead me with your Spirit so I may overcome the flesh.

I am weak, of dust. Strengthen me! Help me continue in faith and eternal love. You have accepted me into your community. Now make us holy and clean so we may give praise to whom it belongs!

You are a King, the only God. There is none like you, so let no others steal your praise. Let no one overcome the people you have chosen to honour you. Rather give them power to overcome.

The victory, chosen Saviour, is yours! Were it not for you, we were already lost. Therefore strengthen your community. Remember us, and give us strength so we may praise you forever.

Michael Schneider, captured with a group of 60 believers  at Passau, Bayern, Germany, 1535

After his capture, Michael spent many years in prison, writing hymns, but his fate is unknown. He had been a founding member of the community at Auspitz in Moravia.

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