How Trouble Helps

The Following of Christ

It is good for us that we sometimes meet with trouble and suffering. That makes us search our hearts and realise this life is but a proving ground.

It is good for us to suffer contradictions and have people misjudge our motives (even while we do what is right). Such humiliation keeps us from thinking too much of ourselves.

When a man with an honest heart suffers rejection, when others put him down, despise him or try to ruin his good name—or when evil temptations afflict him inside—he only senses a greater need for God, without whom he can do nothing. All this trouble only makes him pray more.

It makes him eager for the hour of his release when he may “depart and be with Christ, which would be far better” (Phil. 1:23). It takes away his desire to belong to this world.

Geert Groote, 1340-1384, Brothers and Sisters of the Common Life, Deventer, Netherlands

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