How It Went at Mils

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 46

On the day of Our Lady we gathered in the green woods above the village of Mils. We came together as the little flock of Christ. A shepherd was among us and taught us in clear speech from the Word of God. He explained the Gospel to us like Christ explained it to his disciples on another mountain. May God reward him. But then the wolf came among us! Everyone ran off crying loudly to God for help.

Now this is our complaint: It seems the Word of God is no longer tolerated in the world. Because we are not willing to buy the Word for money, because we no longer pay the priests, they drive us away from our husbands and our children.

The Gospel is now among us, clearly revealed. But the monks and priests do not want to hear it. It threatens their great material wealth, their worldly prestige. Therefore they try to stamp out the truth that has gone into all the world.

They fleece the sheep and catch their blood. If they can do it no other way, they resort to lies. They say our believers’ baptism is false and insist on sprinkling infants for money. They shed much innocent blood.

God, have mercy on us!

Anna, the painter’s wife, and Ursula, the ox-driver’s wife, 1529, Mils, near Hall on the Inn, Austria

Captured with many others on 15 August, 1529, both of these women stayed true while the rest recanted. Both were condemned at Hall on the Inn, and drowned.

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