Hidden Truth to Light

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 570

Great errors surround us in German and foreign lands. Men and women have forgotten the Lord. They twist the teachings of Christ, and ignore the example of his life.

Everyone calls himself a Christian—even great sinners that stand in clearest contrast to Christ’s example—so it becomes hard to know what is what. May God have mercy!

In the face of this I feel compelled, for God’s honour, to bring hidden truth to light again—to uncover what is right so people may know the world’s doings for what they are

Isaiah already prophesied of our time. He spoke of the Lord’s house, built on the mountain for everyone to see again. He spoke of God’s Word echoing from Zion—that is from the Church of Christ—directing seekers to a pure and shining way. That is, the way of Christ’s footprints into everlasting peace.

The Way began in Christ’s time. Philip brought Nathanael to come and see it. The Samaritan woman discovered it at the well and hurried to tell her friends. Christ himself instructed his disciples in the Way and sent them to show it to the world. “Go into all the world,” he said. “Uncover sin. Make my will known, and he that believes and baptised will be saved.”

Faith comes by hearing the Word. Thank God he has let us hear it again in these last times! He draws everyone that obeys it out of the world, but his anger and judgement falls on the rest.

Therefore be serious! Listen carefully to what he tells you. If the Word shows that you are living in sin, repent! Forsake it, to the salvation of your soul.

You cannot forsake the world unless you have true faith in your heart. And true faith comes through preaching that convicts the unstable, sets the heart in order, tuning the mind, the will, the words, and actions of men and women to the will of God.  

Hans Schmidt,        -1558, Raiffach, Tirol, Austria

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