Heirs of Grace

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 453

Praise God for giving us the Light of Truth! He called us to a new life. His anger is past, and he wishes to fulfil his promises in us. For this reason he gave us the true Bread from Heaven through which we have life and clean consciences—through which we become God’s heirs and recipients of his grace.

The Good Shepherd found us, lost in sin, and carried us back to the fold. But the Shepherd was struck. Like a tender plant he was chopped down for our good, and now he is able to help us in every need. If we trust him, give ourselves completely to him, and believe in his name he makes us one bread with him, and every one of us a member in his body.

Through death, Christ won for us free passage to the Father. Now if we, like him, are willing to die, he gives us new life. In the likeness of the loaf he shows us how to serve one another in love for the common good. Made members together of one body, with one heart, he frees us from hypocrisy and takes away our pain.

Like bread, made of many kernels ground together, and wine made of many grapes, he makes us one in the Spirit’s praise! Let us live therefore in godly fear. Let his purpose be accomplished in us so we may eat and drink together in the right way—so we may sit at his table and enjoy the feast, made worthy as true branches of the vine to his eternal praise!

Praise to God and his noble Son through whom we have been redeemed! Praise to him for choosing us to be his companions and for speaking to us his word of peace! We love his community.

Peter Ridemann, 1506-1556, Hirschberg, Schlesien, Germany

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