Hang to the Words of Christ

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 589

Have mercy on me, Lord! Support me in this hour of great distress so I may be an honour to you and your people. You have shown great love to me, holding me fast though raging enemies surround me on every side. They have no godly conscience but only seek to kill me because I have told them the truth.

Everything stands with you Lord, like you stand with me. I know that nothing will happen to me but what you allow, but still, I am really scared. Quiet me down. Strengthen me so I may stand firm, like a man, for your Word. So I may hate my life and leave my body, trusting you to give me another one.

I hang on the words of Christ. For them I risk my body and life itself. Christ said, “If you confess me before men, I will confess you before the Father.” Christ said he would give us everlasting life and joy. Therefore, give me courage to persist in this way unto the end!

Hans Schmidt,        -1558, Raiffach, Tirol, Austria

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