Hand in Hand With Christ

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 97

Look, Lord, at the great commotion of the godless! They have purposed to tear down your house. They want to put out the fire you have lit by bearing us again with the Word.

They curse and swear, insisting that all men are sinners, yet they call themselves Christians too. They speak of peace where there is no peace and have brought us bound to this castle at Falkenstein.

They wanted to confuse us, but the Lord, stood with us. He fought for us and helped us through. They wanted to teach us and insisted on bread and wine being flesh and blood, but we told them they were steeped in wicked idolatry.

This, dear brothers, is how the old serpent has always done. He creeps up into the trees around us, but can do us no harm. The Lord’s blessing surrounds us and to his wedding we have been called.

Let us put on the wedding robes. Let us scrub out the old leaven so we may be ready when he comes with the words, “Enter, my chosen and pious ones!” Let us walk hand in hand with Christ through suffering and shame through the narrow door!

Peter Hagen, 1539, Falkenstein Castle, Austria

After Peter escaped galley slavery at Trieste, he was chosen as a Servant of Temporal Goods, in a Moravian community of the believers.

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