Gifts of the Spirit

Ausbund, 50

We praise you God and desire the best gifts of your Spirit, the first one being fear. Godly fear is the beginning of wisdom. It makes us tremble before your Word and steers us through the narrow door. It drives sin and loose living out and keeps us watchful at all times.

The next gift of the Spirit is kindness. It moves us to love our companions, to show them patience, to rejoice with the happy, and weep with the sad. After it comes the gift of knowledge.

Knowledge tells us what God forbids and what he allows, what we should do and what we should not. The one that has knowledge flees from the world and shuns what is displeasing to God. It keeps us from building on ice or sand.

The fourth gift is strength. Armed with God’s strength his knights go out to fight valiantly. The fifth one is good counsel and the sixth one an enlightened understanding. That is what we need to keep ourselves free from the world, pursuing God’s blessing with a single eye.

The seventh gift is the wisdom we need to keep clear of the Antichrist, to turn wholeheartedly to Christ, and to live out our covenant with him.

Let us walk in the power of your Spirit, Lord, adorned with the gifts that come through him from you.

Christoph Bisel, 16’th century, Europe

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