Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 635

Protect me Lord from evil, and keep me on a godly way. Keep me in your grace and love so I may stand surrendered before you, and resist the temptation to sin. Do not spare me, but deal with me how you must so I may carry out your will.

Right now you have let me be separated from your holy community. But allow me Lord, sooner or later, to see them again in joy! And you beloved fellow members, pray for me until that happens! Beloved brothers and sisters, let the Lord’s will be accomplished in all of us.

For now I tell you, beloved ones, farewell. May the joy and peace of God be with you. I commend you to him and the Lord Jesus Christ, our refuge in all tribulation.

Jörg Rack, Anabaptist messenger from Moravia, captured at Rosenheim in Bavaria, Germany, 1560

Tortured severely, Jörg was publicly beheaded at Innsbruck with Hans Maendel and Eustachius Kotter. En route to the execution (at the local abbatoir), Jörg loudly called on all onlookers to repent, and “danced with joyful words to kneel before the axe.”

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