Exchanging Trouble for Blessing

The Book of Godly Encouragement, II

To the one that lives for God, all created things are inconsequential and of no lasting value. To lose them, therefore, is not a trial but a great joy. Through losing earthly things he comes free of their entanglement and the sorrow they bring.

Sorrow and trouble come from earthly possessions. How shall losing them be anything but true comfort and spiritual gain?

Let us not complain about earthly losses. Let us rather complain that we are so slow in availing ourselves of true comfort from God.

Let us complain that we are still so tied to created things and so far removed from the Spirit and perfection of God.

In our troubles we should remember God’s promise. God is true and his promises are true like him. He has promised that our sorrows will all be turned into pure joy.

If I knew and believed that every pebble I had would someday turn into gold, I would be happy for every one, and the bigger they were the better.

In the same way, the one that believes in God is comforted in all his troubles.

Heinrich Seuse, ca. 1295-1366, Schwaben, Germany

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