Eternal Treasure

Ausbund, 121

Let us look to Christ and how he walked before us, to stay on the right way. Let us follow him in everything to reach the goal. Nothing shall hinder us on the way. We will let everything go, for the one that wishes to follow Christ must give up his possessions.

All earthly goods, along with our children, and our wives, even our own bodies, we let go for Christ and to stay in the love of God.

Let us love God and stop looking at worldly things, for all pass quickly away. And the one that cannot let go of the world will be let go, in the end, by God. True servants of God hate the world.

We cannot serve two masters. Either we hate the one and love the other, or vice versa. Therefore the one that places his trust in silver, gold, and money, will perish with them. Even if he gains the whole world he will come to a miserable end.

Why should we struggle then to have many possessions, seeing they harm the soul? No earthly treasure can possibly help us. Like the rich man of the Gospel story perished, all must perish that wish to lead a jolly life.

All that gather earthly treasures, spending more time striving for worldly than eternal riches, will perish. But the one that leaves his possessions for Christ will be known of him. Christ will present him to the Father in heaven, and set him at his side to reign with him.

Eternal treasure! Marvellous gifts await the one that overcomes with Christ. Fear not therefore, little flock! God will give you the Kingdom and eternal life! Help us Lord to press through until we own the prize!

anonymous Anabaptist writer, 16’th century, Europe

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