Do Not Look Back -Ausbund

Ausbund, 80

The cross, persecution, and sorrow face us now. Wolves have broken into the fold! They hate us. They envy us. They strangle and rip us apart in great fury.

Oh Lord God have mercy! Lead your flock into a safe place where they may praise you and live according to your will!

We have no peace or rest on earth. The last day, the day of our salvation, draws near.

For this, all we that have surrendered ourselves to God rejoice. Our Good Shepherd will lead us out of tribulation into the promised land.

Let us walk right and carefully on the narrow way so none of us will be left behind.

Let us flee the broad way, willingly choosing to suffer, so we may enter the Kingdom.

Let us forsake our money and goods, all things transient for citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven! If we persevere through this short time of trial, if we overcome, we shall receive the everlasting crown.

Do not look back! Having put your hand to the plough do not look back to Egypt!

Remember Lot’s wife. Keep on going. Don’t stay standing here! Christ showed us the way. Let us follow him!

“Through me you will come to the Father,” Christ says, “if you are willing to suffer with me. Everyone will hate you if you follow my steps, but the hairs of your heads are numbered.

Do not fear! No matter how fiercely the prince of this world rages against you, I have overcome him. He has no power against you. Just watch: God will pull him down and lift you up. Rejoice, sing, and leap for joy! Unspeakably great are the wonders prepared for you in eternal life to come!”

anonymous Anabaptist writer, 16’th century, Europe

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