Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 312

Lord, look at what people are doing against your holy Word! They break in great fury upon your children. They contradict them and call every one of them a heretic.

Your children have no safe place on the earth. We are driven from our wives and children. They chase us deep into the mountains and forests where we hide among rocks and caves in the black night. They drag us before proud and boastful judges that insist your followers, those that live according to your Word, are great deceivers.

The world does not want anyone to take up his cross, stop sinning, and follow in your steps.

The world hates us because we believe, but you already told us to forsake our loved ones and value nothing above you to be your disciples. And it has always been this way. The world hates the one that does right and persecutes him. Through great suffering we are purified from sin, and through the rejection of the world we become your disciples.

Gilg Federspiel, 1553, Tirol, Austria

Captured as a youth, Gilg escaped enroute to Schlanders, Südtirol. Became an Anabaptist leader in Moravia, and was sent out as messenger through Austrian and German lands.

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