Depending on Others

The Following of Christ

Dear children, if you trust in others and hope that will bring you peace, you are in for much disappointment and heartache. But if you trust Jesus, you will always have someone to depend on, regardless what happens or who abandons you.

Your love for a friend can only be as solid as your love for Jesus. And only for Jesus’ sake may you dare love those around you, and those that are dear to you in life.

Without a common love for Jesus, human friendship has neither value nor duration. Unless Jesus forms the bond of human love it cannot be true and pure.

Learn then, to conquer yourselves even in the area of affection and human love, for Jesus’ sake.   

If you love anything or anyone too much, it will hold you back from the highest love that lets you be forever and ever with him.

Geert Groote, 1340-1384, Brothers and Sisters of the Common Life, Deventer, Netherlands

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