Death Stands at the Door

Ausbund, 138

I sing, but feel much more like weeping when I remember how I am! I am weak—made of dust, perverse by nature.

Human life is an ailment besieged with anxiety and distress. Trouble and sorrow surround it to the end. Only death shall free us from this pain!

Death—we all must fact it. Young and old. Let us not forget that we must die!

Death, the wage of sin, how many wouldn’t give all their money and goods to buy themselves out of it! But I do not need to. I am a Christian and know that death for me is nothing but the gateway to life!

Oh Lord, I am infinitely grateful that I may leave this world to enter eternal rest! Though the flesh fails me I trust in you. You are my comfort!

The godless fear death. It brings them nothing but more distress. Just look at how differently people die! Some with joy and others in dreadful fright! It depends on the grace of God. Therefore sinners, remember your end at all times. Place your souls by faith into the hands of God.

Death stands at the door. Get ready! Let go of everything earthly you have. What is it anyway? All the world offers is trouble and heaviness in the end.

Though you sit at the rich man’s table you will not evade sorrow. Though have a wife and children, they are mortal. Your friends may leave and if sin oppresses you, no one can help you but Christ.

Christ Jesus also knew pain and death. He went ahead of you and can comfort you now. He is your Redeemer. Wait on him!

I sense that my own time to die is near. My pain increases. My strength is slipping away and I find it harder to speak all the time. Oh Lord Jesus, give me a good passage! Stay with me, Holy Spirit of grace! Give me what I need to overcome the pain of death and lead my soul to its refuge beneath your throne.

With joy I wait for the last day—the day of resurrection when with all of God’s children we shall enter eternal life!

anonymous Anabaptist writer, 16’th Century, Europe

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