Conversation with God

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 45

Do not let us depart from you, Father in heaven. We are your children. Give us your hand and lead us safely home.

You call me Father, but where is your respect for me? You dishonour my name and do not know me.

Father, we acknowledge our guilt! Be patient with us and do what it takes with us so your holy name may be praised.

How can my name be praised among you as long as you fight and kill one another? Your heart is bent to evil and those looking on have no reason to praise me for what they see in you!

That is true Lord. We feel the world, the flesh, and the devil drawing us into sin. But please give us strength!  Help us, and let your kingdom come!

I do good to those I love by allowing them to fall into the greatest dishonour, by letting them suffer great pain and distress. I bring them to the place where they feel utterly impoverished and unworthy. But what shall I do with you? You do not follow my teaching.

We are sorry for not having understood your discipline. Let your will now be done in us so we may leave sin. Our inclinations are so wild! Whatever you like, do it in us!

You cry to me for help, but when I come, you run away. The one that puts his hand to the plough but turns back is not fit for my kingdom.

Lord, that is true. But give us the bread of your Word or we perish!

Shall one throw pearls before the pigs? Will they not trample into the dirt? Your sins rise up before me day and night and you have totally rejected my Word.

Have mercy on us Lord, and do not refuse to help us, your children! Forgive us our sins and show mercy to our enemies too.

How often have I shown my love to you! But you are inconstant and cannot stand with me even for a little while. You waver from place to place in what you believe.

For that reason we ask you to make us strong! Without your help everyone falls in the battle.

I am just and righteous. For that reason I must discipline you. The reason you lose my grace and protection, the reason you have so many temptations, is that you have sinned so much.

Our load of temptation is too heavy! Take it from us, for we desire nothing but you! Keep us from evil Lord, so we may praise you forever.

Your request is great, but I will let you suffer hardship a while longer. Stand by me and leave off from sin. If I see your willingness to forsake sin and follow me, I will believe that you are truly repentant. Then I will save you and bring you home.

Vigil Plattner,      -1529, Tirol, Austria

A converted priest, captured at Schärding in Bavaria, Vigil was tortured, interrogated at length, and beheaded.

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