Christ the Ladder

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 84

Prepare to fight. You must struggle to enter eternal joy! Kill the flesh. Knock it down and force your way with Christ through the narrow door.

Through great trouble, torture, and pain we find our way with Christ into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Become like him. He knows the right way. He is the ladder Jacob saw that reaches from earth to heaven.

Make your covenant with him, keep it, and God will protect you. Build on God’s Word and you will be able to look into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Arouse yourself Lord and save us from the bloodthirsty hounds. Feed us with your Word so we may be encouraged, even though they pursue us on the narrow way

Leonhard Lochmaier,     -1538, Freising, Südtirol, Austria

A converted priest, he was captured, recanted once, but returned to the faith, beheaded at Brixen, Südtirol.

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