Children of Night/ Children of Day

Ausbund, 37

Father, come with the power of your Spirit, from heaven! Come so we may rejoice and stand strong, all three of us, in this evil day. Keep us with your right hand. You are strong! Fight for us and help us to stand. Serious matters lie before us.

Keep us in your care while the godless crowd tries to turn us away from your Word. Let us take full advantage of your faithfulness in sending us your Son. Let the fire of love, ignited by your Spirit burn within us.

Let it lead us in truth, peace and unity.

Let it purify our love one for another so we may walk unhindered in the Light.

Keep us in your Light in the midst of this great darkness that has taken overhand—the darkness of treachery, followed as a matter of course, by death. You, Lord, are honest. You torture no one.

The glory of your shining light penetrates the thick darkness and turns us from children of night into children of day. Your Spirit wakes us up. Let us stride forth in the Light with unbridled joy, following you!

Seize us with your Spirit’s power, renew our heart’s resolve, so we may honour you.

Even though the world resists you, our souls desire you in deep distress. The world seeks to distract us, but let us keep our eyes on you, our goal!

Take away our trepidation, the fear we feel in the flesh. Support us, so that when our time comes, we may stand, dressed in wedding robes, awaiting you.

Even in the pain of death, send us, Father of the weak and poor, the Comforter – the one that gives strength to the weak and victory to those that fight for Christ, the Truth.

Hans Langenmantel vom Sparren,      -1528, Augsburg, Bayern, Germany

Born to a patrician family, Hans’s father was the mayor of Augsburg 14 times. His brother was the captain of the Black Knights, and he spent his youth travelling through Italy and France. He led a wild life, got converted, baptised, and arrested with his “half-grown servant” and a maid. Both males were beheaded, the girl drowned.

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