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Peter Hoover – (born 18 May 1960) is an author familiar to many conservative Christians of Anabaptist and similar heritage in the United States, Canada and western Europe. He has written several books about the Anabaptists, Moravians, various Russian church movements, and other Christian topics. Peter was born and raised in Canada. In addition to Canada, he has lived in Mexico, Costa Rica, United States, Chile, and Australia. He presently lives in Waynesboro, PA.

Although numerous of Peter’s writings have been published over the past decades, there are still hundreds of his writings that are not easily accessible. Working with Peter, we have started the project of curating his collection of writings in a centralized accessible location. This project is just starting, so there will be dozens of additional writings that will be posted in the coming months.

In keeping with the values that Peter promotes, all the writings will be freely available and free from copyright.