About the Eucharist (Holy Communion) — Various article and public messages regarding the Eucharist, what it involves and what it means amongst Christian believers

Charles Moore — Member of the Bruderhof Communities, Charles Moore has worked for many years as a teacher, writer and city mission worker.

Ernest Strubhar — Servant of the Perkins Christian Fellowship in Oklahoma, Ernest grew up in Oregon, and has also lived in Guatemala and in New Mexico.

Joshua Wolfe — With his wife, Jenny, Joshua and their children live in Detroit, Mission. Members of a small Anabaptist fellowship.

Krislyn Shank — A member of a small Anabaptist fellowship in Hagerstown, Maryland –Westside Christian Fellowship — Krislyn enjoys pondering, coming to conclusions, and writing.

Mike Wine — Growing up amongst the Brethren, Mike has spent time amongst the Twelve Tribes and explored other fellowships along his journey.

Peter Hoover — Born in Canada, Peter and his wife Susan, raised their family in Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile and Australia. During these years Peter worked for Rod and Staff , Christian Light, La Merced, Benchmark and TGS publishers. Now he also works for Metamorphose Publishing.

Timothy Plett — Born in Mexico, Timothy is the son of a family of Kleingemeinde Mennonite background. With his wife, Luanne, he lives near Inverell, Alberta, where he is a servant of the church.