Born Again

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 138

Driven by love, God sent his son, dressed in flesh and blood, to snatch us from Satan’s rule. Through Adam’s sin and fall, all of us had lost God’s image. But born again, through Spirit and Truth in Christ, we recover it again!

No more shall we live for the desires of the old nature. No more shall we walk by what seems right to men. For Christ to live in our conscience and heart we give ourselves wholly to him.

Born again we become masters of our emotions. We watch and fast and praise God. Hating ourselves and surrendered completely to him God accepts us for his children. We forsake every secret idolatry of the heart—the desire for money, prestige, a marriage partner, or possessions—to honour him above all.

Let us offer ourselves in a new sacrifice to God! Doves and oxen will not suffice anymore. Neither may anyone call himself a child of God that does not feel Christ living within.

Asenath Kellnerin, 16’th century, Moravia

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