As long as Christian believers actively love the Lord, serve him, and look forward to seeing him soon, they keep writing. Every generation, every nation and language has produced its set of new writers, and truly sad when a church reduces itself to nothing more than republishing articles and books of previous generations! Dated things that largely apply to what happened long ago.

New dangers, new challenges, always call for inspiring and instructive writings applied to current situations. This will continue until Jesus comes again! 

For this reason we invite you to take part in our writing and publishing. Listen to the Spirit of Christ in your heart! Do you have any message from him that the world needs to know? Share it, and we will check it out. If the Spirit gives witness in our hearts as well, we may well be the publishing company for you.

Here are the books we have published:
The Secret of the Strength
Het Geheim van de Kracht
Das Geheimnis der Stärke

The Mystery of the Mark  Anabaptist Mission Work under the Fire of God, (tells the story of Jakob and Trindl Hutter, and of the community they founded in the 1530s) Peter Hoover, 2008

Why We Live in Community  Our life explained in Jesus’ Kingdom terms by Eberhard Arnold.

Eberhard Arnold  Key passages from his writings.

God’s Revolution by Eberhard Arnold

A Brotherly Agreement  Statement of believers gathered at Schleitheim in Switzerland, 1527.

Against the Wind translation of Marcus Baum’s biography of Eberhard Arnold

A Joyful Pilgrimage Emmy Arnold’s story of the beginning of the Bruderhof community in Germany, early and mid-1900s.

Your God is Too Small The reason for religious misconceptions by J. B. Phillips.

Pilgrim Community Moravian Mission work in the 18’th Century

The Awakening Revival comes to Möttlingen in southern Germany. The story of Johann Christoph Blumhardt and his victory in the face of Satan’s attack.

Thy Kingdom Come The teachings of Johann Christoph Blumhardt and his son.

My Search  Josef Ben-Eliezer, a Jewish believer, tells his story.

The Amana Communities The story of the Community of True Inspiration, immigrants from Germany to America in the eighteenth century.

American Communities Statistical chart of church communities that failed and survived.

The Following of Christ Excerpts from Geert Groote’s spiritual diary.

Loose Plate Over a Manhole  The Spiritual Scrapbook of a “Team Mennonite”

The Uncovering of the Babylonian Whore Pilgram Marpeck writes about property, possession and self-defence.

Action in Waiting Essays on God’s Kingdom by Christoph Blumhardt.

Christoph Blumhardt and his Message R. Lejeune.

Inner Words for Everyday of the Year Chosen and arranged by Emmy Arnold.

Jesus is The Victor Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt.

Jesus and Nonviolent Revolution André Trocmé.

Love Is Like Fire The confession of an anabaptist prisoner. Peter Riedemann.

Now Is Eternity Comfort and Wisdom for Difficult Hours. Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt and Johann Christoph Blumhardt.

Salt and Light Living the Sermon on the Mount. Eberhard Arnold.

Testimony to Church Community the life and writings of Eberhard Arnold.

Thoughts on Children Johann Christoph Blumhardt and Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt.

No Lasting Home A Year in the Paraguayan Wilderness. Emmy Barth.

Through the Eye of a Needle The doctrine of nonaccumulation. Roger Hertzler.