Bearing Imperfection

The Following of Christ

The things we cannot correct in ourselves or in others we should simply tolerate in patience until our Lord fixes the problem.

It may be better, in fact, if the Lord does not fix it, so we have more opportunity to exercise our patience. But however it goes, we should always pray—while our patience is getting tested—that God may give us the strength to bear all inconvenience with grace.

Take the challenge to become more patient, and to live cheerfully with the weakness and imperfections of others. They have enough to put up with, in you.

For as hard as you must struggle to make yourself what you ought to be, how dare you expect to get everyone else patted to shape, just like you want them?

We expect perfection from others, yet find it so hard to correct our own shortcomings and faults.

When others do wrong, we would love to see them corrected severely, yet we hate correction for ourselves.

It hurts us when others get their own way, yet we do not want to be denied of anything. So often it becomes clear that we do not weigh our brothers and sisters in the same scale we weigh ourselves.

If all men were perfect, what would we need to suffer from others for God’s sake? But God lets it be this way so we may learn to “bear one another’s burdens.”

No one can live without a burden to bear. No one is sufficient in himself. We all need the help of one another to make it through the troubles that come upon us.

Geert Groote, Deventer, Netherlands, 14’th Century

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