Author: Peter Hoover

Finny Kuruvilla

Church Planting Purity of Heart Judgement The Narrow Way

Marc Carrier

The Gospel of the Kingdom The Holy Spirit Personal Testimony Healing Deliverance

Spiritual Christlike Communion

Based on the words and teachings of Jesus—eventually recorded in all four gospels through John 6, Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22 and the first letter to the Corinthians in chapters 10 and 11—the Apostles and all early Christians connected the physical bread and wine of the Eucharist with the spiritual presence of Christ. In…
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Scriptural Logical Communion

Tired of the spiritual corruption in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches, biblical scholars of the sixteenth century began to rethink the teachings of the New Testament—particularly the doctrine and practise of the Eucharist. At Zürich in Switzerland, Huldrych Zwingli, the chief scholar and church leader of the Protestant Reformation in Central Europe came up…
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Sitting on the Beach

 (Written at Laguna, Montes de Oro, Costa Rica, in 1993.) The rock has sat for a long time. Blue-green swells moving in from the Monterey coast rise, turn white, crash, and roar back into the sea. It sat there before Junípero Serra. Before Cabrillo. Before the Na-Dené. From time immemorial, pounded by wind and surf,…
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Flight through Mexico

The long-awaited letter dropped upon our household with the impact of an H-bomb. June was nearly gone, and the rains were beginning the day I held that “oficio” in my hands. A terse notice from Mexico City that all foreigners engaged in religious activity must be out of the country in fifteen days. The great…
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If You Know These Things

Water is poured into a basin and bare feet are gently washed and dried. The participants exchange places and after repeating the ritual, embrace or share another form of greeting. This is a familiar practice in many Anabaptist and other conservative Christian churches. We call it “feet washing,” and although the details of practice vary,…
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Ancient Values – New Challenges

In the mid-1880s all of our remaining Hutterite families left Russia to start new communities and a new life in North America. Michael Waldner, a smith, led one group of refugees from Russia into South Dakota, setting up camp right beside the Missouri River. Because of his profession, we began to call his followers the…
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Rafael Murillo: From the Horse’s Mouth

Because we had questions about Rafael Murillo’s “medicine”, Philip Yoder and I visited him on November 28, 1990. Murillo had been selling little bottles of liquid to our church members and counseling them on health matters. His fame had spread to Belize and Mexico, and perhaps other places where he had found Mennonites who believe…
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