An Easy Yoke, A Burden That is Light

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 470

Even though my enemies try to starve me, God keeps on feeding me. Therefore I will trust him. He is my shield, my helper, the foundation on which I build. I hope in him. He gives me his hand and the grace of his protection hovers over me.

Lead me, Lord, fountain of my spirit’s strength, light of my heart, into your house of joy where I may always praise your name! I cannot thank you enough for your grace. Let your love grow hot in me! Let it cleanse my heart and adorn my spirit with courage to carry out your commands.

How could you forget me Lord? I am your child and I know you watch diligently over me. They want to burn, behead, or drown me, but I know you will stay with me through it all. Of this I testify boldly to the world, not worrying what will happen to me.

I rejoice Lord, to be included in your community! To obey your will is my desire. Your yoke is easy and your burden light to me. I give myself completely into your hands, so do with me what you want. If you let my enemies kill me, that is fine.

I have given my possessions, my body, my spirit and life to you, and I believe that after death you will give me your Kingdom, in exchange.  

How could I help but rejoice and sing for what you do to me! Your faithfulness knows no end. Everything turns out well for those that hold fast to their hope in you.

Peter Ridemann, 1506-1556, Hirschberg, Schlesien, Germany

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