An Acceptable Offering

Ausbund, 42

God, save us in our need and make us a pure offering, acceptable to you! The offering I have in mind is that of our bodies, our lives, our very being, along with our children,
our wives, and everything else we have. Love compels us to make it.

Pharaoh does not want us to make this offering. He tries to hinder us every way he can. But you, God, will support us. Therefore come brothers! Come all you members of the body of Christ! Take up the cause, valiantly, for Christ our captain!

Be brave and of good cheer! Even though we are like tiny worms, even though Pharaoh pursues us, what we suffer is just a little pain. The Red Sea stands open before us. If Pharaoh pursues us any further he will meet his end. Do not be frightened, little flock! All this will only last a short while, and we must get rid our flesh, one way or another, before we can enter the city of God.

God promises great peace and joy if we persevere. We may rest with him on the other side. But before we get there we get to drink the cup of suffering with his Son.

God will save us. He will stand with us through it all. Even though the heathen kill us, he will shatter their power. He will rip us from their hands and set a crown on our heads. God can protect us. He is our shield. He is our Father and always kind to us. No matter what the people may do, let us stay with him!

If you keep his covenant God will not let you be discouraged. Though accused, rejoice from the bottom of your hearts! Trust God! You will see his deliverance! Fear neither pain nor death!

Lord, I thank you that I can be an offering for you. That is my desire for death is gain to me. Laus Deo.

Hans von Stotzingen,      -1528, Zabern, Alsace, France
Having written this song, Hans sang it “in a loud voice,” walking to his public beheading

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