A Small Pain To Lose Our Lives

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 752

Send us your Holy Spirit Lord, to support us in our distress! The heathen want to kill us. Our flesh is weak, fearing even a little pain, so we ask you to fill us with your Spirit of courage to walk boldly through suffering, to the end. The spirit is ready and willing to suffer, trusting in you Lord Jesus, beloved Son, to keep your promises to us.

We pray for our enemies. They are blind and ignorant, not fearing your wrath at all. We pray too for your children, the little flock, that your light may shine brightly on earth through them. That is our desire and to see it fulfilled will bring us great joy.

Be our protector, Lord. We give ourselves to you, knowing it is but a small pain to lose our lives—compared to unending mercies you have made ready for us. You have accepted us and made us your heirs. We chose it and with your help it became reality in us. Let us now serve and obey you forever!

Feed our souls as we offer the bodies you gave us, in sacrifice to you. They are nothing but dust, but into your hands we commend our souls. Give us the present of your grace igniting within us the fire of love! And may all you have called from the world, gathered in faith, and that seek your will, give you honour and praise!

Heinrich Summer and Jakob Mändel, captured, drowned, 1582, Zurzach, Aargau, Switzerland

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