A Rose of Three Colours

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 321

Christians, are you on the right way?

Do not give up! Do not look back! Pay no attention to the yelping and growling of those that fight over misinterpretations of the Word.

They led us out of Egypt, but they led us wrong. As soon as they saw the turbulent sea they stayed behind, and now they call, “Come back! Don’t go so far in following godly truth. It won’t work!” But saying this they only please the pope and his horde. Little by little they go back, bowing and scraping, to him.

Christians, go ahead! Stay on the right way! God will protect you and shine through the darkness ahead with his Word.

Then far out on the moor, where the grass turns green, look, a stream flows from the rock! Pass through it with bare feet and the water of repentance will wash you from sin and heal your heart.

Then you will come to a garden of spices on the other side. High walls surround it.

None can enter but those that find their way in through the gate surrounded with thorns—but you see the beautiful flower on the far side!

You must break your way through to it. The thorns will prick you and draw blood.

The gate is narrow and very low. No one can squeeze through it except the one totally given to God in humility. Then you will come onto the narrow way but look! The flower stands before you! Pick it! It is yours!

The root of the flower is Jesse, its stem is David. On it the Spirit united with a pure virgin broke forth in full bloom, true God become man, dying so we might live: Jesus the Rose.  

Praise God for Christ his Son, the Rose of our salvation! Promised by God through the mouth of his prophets, life comes through faith in him. Rose of three colours, white, green and red, that stand for faith, hope, and love, we burrow like pure doves through its scented depths to find our way into the Kingdom of Heaven!

Through Jesus Christ, true Son of God, eternal Bishop of souls, we come to life. Let us give our hearts to him! Let us stay with him and we will share with him eternal joy!

anonymous Anabaptist writer, 16’th century, Europe

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