A Rose Among Thorns

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 130

Pure Christ, you alone are a rose among thorns! You restore in us what was lost since Adam fell. You speak to the Father for us and keep him from pouring on us the full punishment of sin. You win mercy for us and whoever lives without you and your grace, is forever lost.

Gentle Christ, shield of all that trust you in this valley of grief. Looking into your Word we see how you went before us in great suffering and shame. We see the narrow and steep way to eternal blessedness in you.

Christ is the true vine, all those not grafted into him wither away.

What the Father does not plant he roots up. All plants of men will end up in the fire.

Christ is the door. Only thieves and robbers try to enter other than through him.

Christ is the shepherd, caring for his flock with tenderness and joy. His sheep know his voice and follow him alone.

Pure Christ, true cornerstone, chosen by God, all that believe may set their hope on you and no amount false teaching will knock it down. Your holy community stands on the rock. God himself will protect it and the powers of hell shall not overcome it again.

Praise to God, the beginning and the end, for giving Christ the groom to his bride. His bride is the community of God through grace. May she keep her clothing spotlessly clean, for the day will come when Christ, the shepherd, divides the wicked from the good.

Hans Staudach, beheaded 22 November, 1546, Vienna, Austria

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