A Knight For Your Honour

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 589b

I can do nothing without you Lord. Anxiety and fear of death well up in me, and the joy you give keeps escaping me.

I know that comfort and help must come, in the end, from you. If only I could remain secure in your protection, joyful, and without fear of my enemies, walking boldly into the suffering that awaits me. Patience, Lord, is what I need! Write faith on my heart and fill me with love so I may to on with courage, like a man, in the hope that you will sustain me.

I hope Lord, with very great desire.

You alone Lord, are powerful. With your mighty hand you delivered Jesus Christ from the bonds of death. You have also delivered many other godly ones, so let me hope in you alone.

I am nothing but a flower, soon to wilt and die. I can do nothing for myself, but I know you will not abandon me forever. You will stand with me through fire and pain, whatever may come, because I am yours. Lock me into the safety of your heart.

Safe in you Lord, I may rejoice even in this hour of need. What you will shall yet be accomplished in me and your honour sounded abroad. Your people shall be glad and I shall inherit the Kingdom with you.

Those that trust in you dare not evade what you give them to carry. They obey you willingly in everything. They love you no matter what happens. They accept your will in joy or pain, praising you fervently in the midst of it all.

I commit myself to you Lord, in love, with everything I have. I wait for nothing but the time when you will lead me from this house of death into eternal joy. Whether you take me soon, or whether I shall praise you with the community of the faithful again, you alone know. Only let nothing separate me from you! Let me confess your name and stay true, a knight for your honour, in the thick of the battle to come!  

Hans Schmidt,        -1558, Raiffach, Tirol, Austria, burned on a mission trip to Germany

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