A Frightened Rabbit

Little Book of Eternal Wisdom

The highest and best school is nothing other than perfect surrender (Gelassenheit)—a  complete letting go of self-will, that leaves you standing bereft and open before God.

In such a state you will be able to see God when he shows himself to you directly or through created things, through joy or sorrow, as the case may be. In every circumstance, come before him, fully surrendered, to behold his honour and praise him.

This is how Christ, in love, stood before the Father too.

Search your heart and you will find—all your good works notwithstanding—that you are still not perfectly surrendered. You are still like a frightened rabbit, hiding in the bushes, and jumping at every falling leaf.

You shrink back from every suggestion of suffering. Your face goes pale when your enemies look at you. Instead of holding fast, you flee. Where you should take a clear stand, you hide yourself. When people shower you with praise, you laugh, but when they revile you, it causes you great sorrow.

Yes, you need to attend the high school of surrender!

Heinrich Seuse, ca. 1295-1366, Schwaben, Germany

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